Open the lid on the secrets of the Vaginal Microbiome!

This course helps people with a vagina to understand their microbiome so they can manage their health and improve their comfort.

A box of cartoon microbes

Meet Your Vaginal Microbiome


    Learn what the vaginal microbiome is, what a strong population of the right microbes can do for your health, and which common conditions are due to imbalances in the microbiome


    Understand what the vaginal microbiome needs (and doesn't need) to stay stable and healthy - from hygiene to feminine products to probiotics and more.

  • ACT

    All the information is translated into practical tips and strategies so you can consider your own circumstances and take action that suits you.

Course Contents

There's a load of information under each heading! There are slideshows, images, articles to read, summaries of each section, plus useful lists and links. Click the down arrows to see the topics covered inside each section.

  • 2

    The Vaginal Microbiome and Why it Matters

    • A Quick Anatomy Refresher

    • What's in a Microbiome?

    • The Microbiome in Numbers Graphic

    • Meet The Vaginal Microbiome

    • Varying Acid Levels

    • The Connection with Endometriosis

    • Options for Testing the Microbiome

    • The Vaginal Microbiome & Why it Matters (Short Word)

  • 3

    Common Microbiome Imbalances

    • Bacterial Vaginosis

    • Thrush (Yeast Infection)

    • Common Microbiome Imbalances (Short Word)

  • 4

    Vagina-Friendly Choices

    • The Science on Nutrition and on Contraception

    • Tips on Clothing, Cleaning and Stress

    • Personal Lubricants - An Important Choice

    • Personal Lubricant Test Results - pH and Osmolality

    • Vagina-Friendly Choices (Short Word)

  • 5

    Managing the Microbiome

    • Antibiotics - Friend or Foe?

    • Antibiotics Summary List

    • The Right Probiotics

    • Probiotics Shopping Short-List

    • Nourishing with Prebiotics and Probiotics

    • Handy Prebiotic Food List

    • A Herbal Option: Calendula

    • Acid Treatment

    • Google Therapy

    • Managing the Microbiome (Short Word)

  • 6

    Next steps

    • Before you go...


Massively discounted to AU$5 (because I've put soome of the early lessons on the Forecast Wellness blog for free), this is a high value investment in your health. Have you ever bought probiotics hoping they would help? Probiotics are expensive, and the wrong ones are just money down the toilet. Save money by knowing what is most likely to work for you. (Hint - it might not be a probiotic... and it might be an action rather than a product!) Save time and frustration by getting this information all in one reliable place - right here.

  • Information on tested treatments and actions, not just the science of bacteria!

  • Course created by an experienced Physiotherapist (not someone newly certified by a cereal-box online agency... or not trained at all)

  • Contains a load of information your health professional doesn't have time to deliver during an appointment. (I can't fit all this in a 40 minute physio appointment - what chance does a doctor have in fifteen minutes!)

  • Information drawn from quality research papers. (Not all research is good quality, not even if it appears in journals or in the news. Spotting the flaws takes training, experience and objectivity.)


Allison Wharley

Allison is an AHPRA-registered Physiotherapist and a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the Continence Foundation of Australia. She has had a particular interest in women's health matters throughout her career, and has worked in public hospitals and in private practice. In addition to attending Women's Health courses run by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, she holds an Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner certification from Burrell Education.